A Unique Approach To Learning

Our whole approach to learning is based on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ as presented in the Gospels.

Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd who leads, provides, cares, protects, multiplies, trains, and understands His sheep (John 10:11-18). Our programme, content, and learning outcomes are modelled after these seven characteristics of the Good Shepherd.

Leading towards Mentoring, Modelling, Instructing, Prophetic Engagement, Discipline and Servant Leadership.

Providing with Spiritual Nourishment and Biblical Applied Knowledge.

Caring for Holistic Development and Transformation.

Protecting from Internal and External Challenges.

Multiplying through Discipleship, Evangelism and Mission.

Training with life skills for Church, Society and Nation.

Understanding the Bible, Church, Culture and Context.

As church leaders and disciples of Jesus, we are called to follow in his example and become ‘shepherds of the flock’ or church (1 Peter 5:2-4). In order to be faithful and qualified shepherds, we must lead our churches in the same way Jesus leads us.

Holistic Training

It’s clear from these character traits, that shepherds should not only be concerned with leading, but with cultivating the whole person under their care. This means that in our programme, we want to journey along with you to develop your whole person by broadening your existing understanding of Biblical knowledge and relate this to social, spiritual, emotional, financial, managerial, national and global issues. This in turn will equip you to effectively and holistically care for those in your church and community.