How is each year structured?

There are three terms in each year. Each term is 12 weeks long – the length of a course. Full-time learners will take 4 courses simultaneously during a term; part-time learners will take 1-2 course each term. We recommend that all learners begin with 1 course to familiarise themselves with the programme and online learning.

How long will the whole programme take to complete?

The programme is broken down into three levels: Level 1 is a Certificate course; Level 2 is a Diploma course; and Level 3 is a Bachelor’s degree. To finish each level you will need to complete 40 credits, or 10-12 courses.

Each level will take a full-time learner 1 year to complete and part-time learner 2-3 years. This means a full-time learner can receive a Bachelor’s degree after 3 years.

How much time will a single course take to complete?

Each course is made up of 100 learning hours, which will be split down into three areas below.

  • 40 hours of structured learning on the online LMS
  • 15 hours of structured tutorial learning
  • 45 hours of unstructured learning (This includes library reading, reflective journaling, assignment writing, and preparation for final exam or project)

This means a full time learner (taking 4 courses simultaneously) will need to commit 32-36 hrs/week. A part-time learner will need to commit 9-18 hrs/week.