Who we are

Equipping Christian Leaders for Christ-Like Ministry in Today’s World

Who Are We?

The Shepherd's Academy is a part of the Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life (OCRPL). We work with existing institutions, networks, and churches across the Global South to deliver training programmes that address the gaps in theological training for grassroots Christian leaders.

Our Vision

Recent statistics show that there are over two million untrained church leaders in the Global South. In light of increasing persecution and marginalisation, equipping the Church and her leadership becomes crucial. Furthermore, Covid-19 has had and continues to have devastating effects on the state of theological education across the world.

Within such a context, it is essential that we ask ourselves how we can best support and train those who are most in need. Our goal and vision is to see grassroots church leaders equipped with the necessary tools they need to faithfully and effectively lead in their churches and communities.