A Programme Designed For You

TSA courses are designed with you in mind.

Our modular courses are delivered through an online learning approach. This means we combine online material developed by subject experts with peer group learning under a qualified mentor, and use assessments focused on practical engagement.

This method of learning provides valuable flexibility for church leaders who cannot afford to attend a residential training programme, either because of time or because of finances. With this in mind, we have designed the programme to allow you to continue to do ministry in, for and through your context.

How does it work?

An online learning approach is made up of three key features.


Our courses are hosted on an online Learning Management System (LMS). Instead of lectures, you will read online self-study lessons for each week, complete activities for each lesson, and engage in online discussions at your own pace throughout the week.


Following the online discussion and self-study, you will attend a weekly tutorial with other learners. These tutorials will be led by a trained tutor. These peer-to-peer discussions encourage critical and self-reflective thinking. They will be an opportunity for you to discuss the content with others, ask questions, and apply and reflect what you have learnt.


Our courses will have different kinds of assessments dependent on the type of course, but aim to encourage practical action and reflection.

Learning Management System

We use a Moodle-based Online Learning Management system to host our weekly learning. This user-friendly platform is designed to meet all the needs of regular classroom based learning, whilst providing learners with the flexibility to progress at their own pace and the ability to take control of their own learning. Instead of lectures, you will use the LMS to read self-study lessons for each week, complete various tasks and assignments, and interact with your classmates. You will then take what you have learnt through the LMS into a weekly guided tutorial with your classmates.