Our Programmes

Every learner will have different requirements. As such, we offer a nested programme that flows at three progressive levels, that is, a learner moves from achieving credits for a Certificate in Ministry, to a Diploma, and finally, is able to achieve a Bachelor’s degree.

This means you have the freedom to either complete a Certificate level, or a Diploma level, or go all the way to finish a Bachelor’s Degree by successfully completing the requirements of the entire programme.

A full-time learner can complete each level of the programme in one year, thus completing the entire Bachelor programme in about 3 years. If done part-time, the entire programme can take about 6-9 years depending on the requirements at each level.


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Standalone Courses

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Accreditation and Validation

We are members of the European Council for Higher Education (ECTE) and our Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor's programmes are accredited by them. This certifies comparability to the Framework for Qualifications within the EHEA (European Higher Education Area) and provides recognition within the ICETE (International Council for Evangelical Theological Education) network. ECTE accreditation does not lead to or replace national accreditation in the UK.