Collaborate with Us

The Shepherd's Academy seeks to work with existing institutions, networks, and churches to deliver training programmes that address the gaps in theological training for grassroots Christian leaders.

Our goal and vision is to see grass roots church leaders equipped with the necessary tools they need to faithfully and effectively lead in their churches and communities. We aim to achieve this end through collaborating with churches and institutions to provide training for grassroots Christian leaders that is affordable, applied and accessible.

Our collaborations broadly fit into two categories:

  • Churches and church networks who have pastors in need of training and would like to collaborate with us by hosting learning hubs, promoting the programme, providing mentors, and recruiting students.
  • Theological Institutions and Organisations who are able to host and run our programmes or who want to use some of our courses to address gaps in their existing curriculum.

We would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us at