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We work with local partners to deliver the TSA programme on the ground. Our partners play an essential role in training grassroots leaders to faithfully and effectively serve in their churches and communities.

They include local churches who use our courses for equipping their congregation, networks and denominations who want to train new leaders and provide refresher courses for their ministers, and existing theological training centres who use our online programme to reach new students or supplement their existing programmes with select TSA courses.

Will you join us?

How it works

Register your interest in partnering with us.

We meet with you to discuss how to get started!

We train local tutors who are part of your centre, and provide them with the skills, information and tools so they feel fully supported and ready for the task.

You promote courses and work with us to process applications. We have a dedicated team available to provide you with promotion and administration support!

We set a date for the first cohort of students to begin learning. The Shepherd’s Academy hosts an online induction and introduction for the cohort and students are granted access to our high quality, contextual online courses, and so the course begins!

Want to Find Out More?

If you would like to find out more about starting a Study Centre or Study Group, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us at

Why Use Study Centres and Study Groups?

Here at The Shepherd’s Academy, we believe in the power of online theological training rooted in a local context where students meet together and with their Tutor.

Study Centres and Study Groups are local hubs for running the TSA programme and can be found in churches, theological institutions and homes.

They provide space for tutorials and internet access for students to download lessons. Study Centres running our formal programmes may also host administrative staff and Tutors.

Set-up costs are typically provided through grants, and ongoing running costs are covered by student fees.

What is a Study Centre?

Study Centres are typically located within existing theological institutions or churches. Hosting a Study Centre provides several benefits. Theological institutions are able to significantly expand their student base and courses, and increase their impact and reach with an online programme. Churches and networks are able to provide affordable and contextual training for their ministers and lay leaders.

What is a Study Group?

Anyone is able to host a Study Group! We will provide you with all the necessary training and you can start a cohort with family, friends, or your local church using our courses.

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